Top 4 Hikes in Zion

Zion. The world of towering, twisting red rocks, sheer soaring canyon walls, and wide-sweeping desert views. Zion is famous for its incredibly diverse hiking opportunities, with its miles of hikable trails winding through the canyon, up the canyon walls and on top of the canyon! Pick up one of our luxury Sprinter Campervans in Las Vegas, and you are just 2 hours drive away from Zion National Park. Your adventure to this spectacular desert park, in any season, is only a van ride away!

Below, we have listed our Top 4 Favorite Hikes in the awe-inspiring Zion Canyon- let us know if we missed your favorite!

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4. Observation Point

This is a less-traveled hike in Zion that may provide the best views of Zion Canyon in the whole park. There are some strenuous sections along this 7 mile hike, but you are rewarded almost the entire way with views of the valley until at the end of the hike you’ll actually be looking down on Angels Landing. If you’re up for a solid day on the trail, this is the one for you.

3. Zion Canyon Overlook Trailhead

A short and easy hike (1.5 miles) to an amazing overlook of the Zion Canyon, just off the highway out of the historic 1-mile long Zion- Mount Carmel Highway Tunnel. It’s an excellent vantage point for sunrise or just after the sun has risen for some great photos of the Zion Canyon and looking back on the Canyon! Whatever time of day you visit, this hike makes the list because of its easy access to a beautiful vantage point.

2. Angels Landing

One of the two iconic hikes of Zion National Park. Some people travel to Zion specifically to do this hike. You’ll climb up this 4 mile hike to the top of a rock tower that looks out over the Zion Canyon valley. The last half mile of this hike makes it one of the more dangerous but also thrilling hikes in the country. Guarded only by chains on either side, you’ll walk along a narrow stretch of rock up to a perch that for years seemed only possible to reach if you were an angel descending to this landing spot. It’s a spectacular hike even if you only go part way up!

1. The Narrows

 This is the other iconic hike in Zion. When you reach the trailhead of this hike, you’ll already notice that the canyon walls have seemingly surrounded you, but a much narrower experience awaits. This hike requires hiking in the mostly calf-deep Virgin River and can be 8-12 miles long or shorter even if you only want to dip your toe in the water. It’s an out-n-back hike that at around the 4 mile mark reaches a point in the canyon where the walls are only around 20 feet apart and you’ll experience the light filtering past the canyon walls and dancing off the river below like nowhere else in the park.

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