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From Tava Adventures
July 26, 2017

Camping with kids has always scared me a bit. I loved the idea of camping with my kids because I grew up camping with my family but with Ava’s health issues I have been a bit reluctant to go camping. We also don’t own everything required for a successful camping trip so that also made it a difficult for us to actually go camping. Then I found Venture Vans and thought we would take the plunge and try to camp with the girls and I am so happy I did!

One issue most people have with camping is that they don’t have everything they need to camp such as, tent, sleeping bags, stove, cooler, etc… Another issue is the initial investment in camping supplies can get very pricey or people don’t want to invest in camping supplies because they aren’t sure they want to go camping all the time. The guys at Venture Vans have thought of every detail when it comes to camping comfortably and being prepared even if you aren’t. When you rent their van all you have to bring are your clothes and they take care of the rest.

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