Camping In A Van- Tips & Tricks

So you are sold on getting a campervan, but now where are you going to camp? Check out our list for the best way to find campsites below. Shameless plug- we also sell custom itineraries where we book your campsites for you here. You can also get more specific campground recommendations for the destinations we service in our Insiders Guide. 

  1. Free Campsites 

For free campsites, you really can’t beat, which lists everything from amazing BLM or National Forest dispersed camping spots, to Walmart parking lots. You have to wade through a lot of campgrounds and the map function can be cumbersome to work, but some of the best free campsite gems we have ever found have been from this directory. Make sure you spend some time reading the reviews, and note the dates as the state of dispersed campgrounds can change fast. Note: it is a lot easier to navigate their map view on a desktop than a cellphone. 

  1. National and State Park Campgrounds

Official National and State Park Campgrounds are often well located and have great amenities, but tend to book up early. There is a range of official websites ( is one of the most common) to book these through, which will change from park to park, and sometimes even campground to campground. The easiest thing to do is to Google the National or State Park you are interested in, with “reserve campgrounds” on the end of your search. This should get you close to the right page. Costs vary across the country, but usually range from $20 to $40 per night. Note that most National Parks allow you to stay in a tent site if you are 20ft or less… so you don’t have to pay extra for a noisy RV park! 

  1. Private Campgrounds 

Private campgrounds can be amazing, but you do need to vet these through a review website, as the quality varies. We have found that the easiest way to search for them is via Google maps- find the location that you are searching within, and search the map for campgrounds. This means the campgrounds will immediately come up with reviews as well. Another way to do this and achieve the same thing is through Tripadvisor. Wanting something a bit more off-the-beaten-track? We would recommend having a look at HipCamp (like Airbnb but with private land for camping) in your area.