Hikes in Glacier National Park

If you are lucky enough to get to hike Glacier National Park in stunning Montana, these are our must sees!

Avalanche Lake Hike: Easy access coupled with breathtaking views, Avalanche Lake is a must-do for anyone spending time on the west side of Glacier. Located 5.5 miles past Lake Mcdonald Lodge on the famed Going-to-the-Sun road, the Avalanche trailhead is a popular spot to camp, picnic, play in the river and of course hike to the lake. Pro tip: Start your day early to ensure yourself a parking spot. Pack yourself some breakfast, and enjoy it on the lake.

Piegan Pass: Located on the east side of the Continental Divide just 2.2 miles past Logan Pass, Piegan Pass offers world class views of the surrounding mountains and high alpine wildlife. Known for up close encounters with marmot, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats, this incredible hike tends to be less trafficked than other more well known hikes in the area. 

Grinnell Glacier: Glaciers, grizzlies, and grit. This 11-mile round trip hike is no joke but will definitely be a trip highlight. Few other places in the park allow you to hike to the base of a Glacier and jump in the milky ice blue waters of a fresh glacier fed lake. Located in the Many Glacier area, Grinnell Glacier is the most popular Glacier in the park, for good reason. If 11 miles sounds like too much of a push, scenic boat rides are offered across Swiftcurrent lake and Lake Josephine to shorten the hike to 7 miles.


If you make it up to Waterton National Park (just over the border into Canada), these are our recommended hikes:

Crypt Lake Hike: Rated in the top 20 hikes to do in the world, Crypt Lake Hike is a wild and beautiful ride. You start your day off by taking a boat ride across the lake to the trailhead and from there you climb 2300 feet along waterfalls and stunning views of Waterton to crawl through a crypt on the side of a mountain to then pop out at a beautiful high alpine lake. If you are a hiker and don’t possess a fear of heights this is a must-do. 

Bertha Lake: Starting right from town, this hike offers three options for more variable skill levels. You can connect to the Lakeshore Trail and cruise along Waterton lake for as long as you desire (or until you reach The U.S.). The second option being the short yet beautiful hike up to Bertha Falls. Last but not least you can brave the 21 switchbacks up to Bertha Lake where you can enjoy a swim and your lunch while being encased in the incredible Canadian Rockies.