Formula 1 In Vegas: Adventure by day, race by night

The world’s most prestigious motor race series, Formula 1, is coming to Las Vegas this fall!

We’re all about going on adventures in our wildest spaces but just as much about unique experiences! Can you blend a Moterra-style off-the-grid luxury campervan trip with one that includes watching some of the world’s fastest cars race in Vegas this year? 


This year, round 22 of the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship season is hosted by Las Vegas! From November 16 – 20, the Vegas Strip will be roaring with life as 20 of the world’s fastest cars and drivers practice, qualify, and race around this brand-new F1 track down the famous Vegas Strip!

What is Formula 1?

Formula 1, commonly called F1, is considered the pinnacle of motorsport racing by many. To win, ten teams of 2 drivers must combine speed, skill, technology, and strategy to out-compete the rest of the field. The 2023 series will travel to 23 different race tracks, each with unique challenges that test every team and driver to their limit. 

The stakes are high, speeds are flat out, and room for error is marginal – making it one of the world’s most captivating and competitive motor racing championships. 

What does the pinnacle of motorsport look like for drivers?

  • Millions of dollars are up for grabs for championship-winning drivers and teams.
  • Annual contracts of some of the top / most winning drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen reach as high as $50 million or more. 
  • 15 out of the 20 drivers are 30 years old or less. The youngest (in 2023) is 21. 
  • Although drivers are “teammates,” they often fight for the win and sometimes crash each other out of the race. 
  • “Team orders” can sometimes dictate which driver wins based on what will give the team the overall advantage in the championship. 

What is there to know about the cars of Formula 1?

  • The record for a Formula 1 car’s fastest speed during a race is more than 230 mph!
  • The car can produce around 800HP from 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. 
  • Each car can cost up to 10+ million dollars. 
  • Due to the forces put into the tires during the turn, they are melting.
  • The brakes can get so hot that they can burst into flames when the car stops – you will see the crew putting blowers into the brake ducts to circulate air. 

What do you need to know about the teams of Formula 1? 

Well… there is so much to know. But some basics include:

  • There are only ten teams with two drivers for each + reserves. Top contenders include teams like Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, and Redbull, and a few smaller teams that fight for the “best of the rest” title. 
  • Teams must use at least two tire compounds during a race, so everyone must make at least one pit stop. Tire choice strategy is often a huge factor in winning a race. 
  • It takes most teams under 3 seconds to change all four tires on an F1 car. RedBull holds the record at 1.82 seconds!
  • A car that is just .5 seconds slower per lap than the fastest car is considered to be a very slow car.  
  • Drivers communicate with their engineers all race long to report changing conditions, issues with the car, etc. Best of all, when you watch a race on F1 TV, you can hear the uncensored communications between any driver and team. 

How do drivers and teams win the overall championship?

The top 10 drivers per race collect points throughout the season, and the one with the most points wins the prestigious overall driver’s championship. The total points accumulated by the ten teams will also rank the top teams, ultimately deciding a winner of the Team Championship. 

What is unique about the track in Las Vegas?

  • This venue is brand new to the 2023 F1 calendar and the third race in the United States this season due to its increase in popularity. 
  • The track is being purpose-built in downtown Las Vegas for the race.
  • Teams on the ground will resurface the pavement, fence off the race track, build grandstands for spectators, and more! 
  • The street circuit is 3.8 miles long with 17 turns and long straightaways, allowing these machines to rip down the Las Vegas strip at projected top speeds of over 210 miles per hour.

Best of all, the race will be held at night and will surely be a stunning spectacle under the glow of casino lights. 


What is the weekend race schedule, and where can I buy tickets?

As of writing this blog on August 9, 2023, you can still buy tickets on the official Formula 1 website. Check out the race weekend schedule and buy tickets here.

 They usually include 2-3 practice sessions, a qualification race, and the championship race. 


Where can you learn more about Formula 1 racing? 

There are a few ways to learn more about the sport, but our favorite is watching the Netflix series about Formula 1 called Drive To Survive. 

What we love the most about this sport is that it’s as much about skills and tactics as it is about how fast the car can go, AND there are only 20 drivers to get to know. Netflix does a great job telling the story of each team and driver – it will leave you hungry for more! 

This series is credited for dramatically increasing the F1 fan base and profits over the past few years. In the 2022 race series, race fan attendance topped 5 million people!

Off to the races!

Although we’re typically excited to travel in our vans far away from civilization – the opportunity to travel to the Vegas area to see the Formula 1 race is just too difficult not to daydream about. There are plenty of camping options near the city and places to climb, hike, and bike which could make for a memorable vacation. 

Experiencing some of the most stunning scenery by day AND watching the pinnacle of motorsports racing under the Vegas lights by night seems like a winning formula.