Big Life Magazine / Crush List: Fall 2017

Big Life Magazine
Words by Jennifer Walton.

Venture Vans

Two Jackson Hole-based men who worked in the active travel industry (think executing international Backroads itineraries) for over a decade knew that the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem offers more than your typical National Park drive-through experience; it offers incredible places to spend = the night and dig a little deeper. Enter Venture Vans. Fully-equipped luxury vans with everything included (literally down to a French press, headlamp, and slingshot) that mean you can discover some of the world’s most ecologically diverse areas in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with a personalized itinerary designed by the experts. From the Rockies (Moab to Missoula) to the West Coast (San Diego to Joshua Tree), get in on the van game and start exploring now. #driveyourexperience

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